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What is kampret.exe ?

kampret.exe is known as PuTTY suite, it also has the following name Project1 or or Telkomsel ORI or TELKAMPRET FREEDOM or and it is developed by Simon Tatham , it is also developed by lepie Soebis Indonet Kampret Gratis. We have seen about 54 different instances of kampret.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. If you think there is a virus or malware with this product, please submit your feedback at the bottom.


Something wrong with kampret.exe ?

Is kampret.exe using too much CPU or memory ? It's probably your file has been infected with a virus. Let try the program named DriverIdentifier to see if it helps.

How to remove kampret.exe

If you encounter difficulties with kampret.exe , you can uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs

What can you do to fix kampret.exe ?

Let try to run a system scan with Speed Up My PC to see any error, then you can do some other troubleshooting steps.
If you think this is a driver issue, please try

Where do we see kampret.exe ?

Here is the list of instances that we see for the process: kampret.exe

  Path Product Name Vendor Version Size MD5
1 C:\Program Files\DWI YANTO SSH 05\Proxy\kampret.exe PuTTY suite Simon Tatham Unidentified build 36300 973801AAADCB222F5454358F79C20D9B
2 C:\Program Files\DWIYANTOSSH\Proxy\kampret.exe PuTTY suite Simon Tatham Unidentified build 36300 EBEE9362DB6C525E333D3B8F10DE6043
3 C:\Program Files\SSHVPN-DUO2\Proxy\kampret.exe PuTTY suite Simon Tatham Unidentified build 36300 EBEE9362DB6C525E333D3B8F10DE6043
4 C:\Program Files\RonzMini\Proxy\kampret.exe PuTTY suite Simon Tatham Unidentified build 36300 EBEE9362DB6C525E333D3B8F10DE6043
5 C:\Program Files\BAGUSVPN\Proxy\kampret.exe PuTTY suite Simon Tatham Unidentified build 36300 EBEE9362DB6C525E333D3B8F10DE6043
6 G:\chadoet\chadoet\KAMPRET.exe Project1 lepie 1.00.0011 6144 BABC4AD10DCD4360FA2588187EAC7159
7 C:\Program Files\INDOnet v2.5\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
8 F:\INDOnet v2.5\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
9 G:\Program Files\INDOnet v2.5\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
10 C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\INDOnet v2.5\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
11 C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\INDOnet v2.5\file\kampret.exe 0 AAA6FFEE43DCB6F544669024A8F9AC73
12 C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\INDOnet v2.5\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
13 F:\KOMPUTER\bumbu modem\kampin\kampin\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
14 C:\Users\username\Desktop\toolx\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
15 C:\toolx\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
16 D:\Chezz Connect - mayang\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
17 C:\Program Files (x86)\INDOnet v3.0\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
18 G:\KAMPRET BARU\Kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
19 E:\tool penting\gretongan pc\toolx\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
20 E:\Chezz Connect - aland\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
21 C:\Program Files\Unlimited-VPN.19\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
22 D:\trik gratis\kutang-oh-kutang\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
23 E:\DRIVER\computer apps\Utilities\Document\Hack software\U1301\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
24 I:\Hack software\U1301\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
25 I:\Hack software\kampret\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
26 C:\Program Files\INDOnet v3.0\file\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
27 D:\Tool penting\gretongan pc\toolx\kampret.exe 144742 F714870F746107C38864E70E4B750CEE
28 C:\Users\username\Desktop\utmp\Internet Gratisan\kampret.exe 146073 241C713279ED9D098F110BD37EB07188
29 D:\KAMPRET+TOOLS1\Kampret.exe Telkomsel ORI Soebis 19916 88FD5697F44FB1C0780C637ED2248B03
30 E:\New Folder\Gretongan\Gretongan\kampret.exe 132403 2D146B69ACC0E0EA7B35616233D91ABC
31 D:\Internet Gratis\Aplikasi SSH\Kampret\Kampret.exe Indonet 125542 73FFFFF08F903BEEAE11B346E55B64DE
32 C:\Users\username\Desktop\Kampret.exe 168243 96297EF6753077D2C64D4E5062727A1B
33 C:\Program Files\Private SSH\app\kampret\Kampret.exe TELKAMPRET FREEDOM 3.02.0039 18022 091853F5386DE48D3DDAE1420D815C53
34 E:\Downloads\RF kampret\kampret.exe 134041 18112813CF43548B9DC09BFFBDE862F6
35 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\kampret.exe 134041 18112813CF43548B9DC09BFFBDE862F6
36 D:\APLIKASI\DARI C\Compressed\kampret\kampret.exe 134041 18112813CF43548B9DC09BFFBDE862F6
37 D:\usman\Phreakers\Inject\RF kampret\kampret.exe 134041 18112813CF43548B9DC09BFFBDE862F6
38 G:\RF kampret\kampret.exe 0
39 I:\kampret.exe 134041 18112813CF43548B9DC09BFFBDE862F6
40 C:\Users\username\Documents\Kampret.exe 165324 C3C64A7397FA9D4C33BB219F57E2A4A3
41 C:\Users\username\Downloads\Dwonload\Compressed\Kampret.exe 165324 C3C64A7397FA9D4C33BB219F57E2A4A3
42 C:\Users\username\Desktop\KAMPRET.exe 50534 7F904A901F49D6C53AFD85F7F659FC37
43 C:\Users\username\Desktop\Kampret.exe Kampret 176281 C4A530E33DB0D531EAB5460B7EE6C672
44 D:\Compressed\tttt\Kampret.exe Kampret 176281 C4A530E33DB0D531EAB5460B7EE6C672
45 E:\IDM Files\Compressed\Kampret.exe Kampret 176281 C4A530E33DB0D531EAB5460B7EE6C672
46 D:\@@___E-TA AHMAD [email protected]@\Kampret.exe Kampret 176281 C4A530E33DB0D531EAB5460B7EE6C672
47 C:\Users\username\Desktop\New folder (2)\KAMPRET.exe 149350 34BBE95CFF85BD30CE6EED3D42E192D4
48 C:\Users\username\Documents\KAMPRET(1)\KAMPRET.exe 149350 34BBE95CFF85BD30CE6EED3D42E192D4
49 C:\Users\username\Desktop\KAMPRET.exe 149350 34BBE95CFF85BD30CE6EED3D42E192D4
50 D:\File Bokah\punaom\Inject Telkomsel Kampret\tsel kampret\KAMPRET.exe 149350 34BBE95CFF85BD30CE6EED3D42E192D4
51 C:\Users\username\Desktop\KAMPRET.exe 149350 AEB5661E37E9A34AEE09389DBA38D56A
52 D:\Vpn Global\KAMPRET.exe 149350 894C6226E7B20B65391C819D23D95332
53 C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Kampret-5\Kampret.exe Gratis 163328 E33D14F60F5404D202641679F562244B
54 D:\KAMPRET(2)(1)\KAMPRET.exe 152115 37C78D5BE35A957714B19319E7D0025A

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