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What is Storm.exe ?

Storm.exe is known as Windows Live Communications Platform, it also has the following name Opera Internet Browser or or Storm -- Sentinel or STORM - Frontline Nation or Medics Elite or STORM and it is developed by Microsoft Corporation , it is also developed by Opera Software CoolerMaster Advanced Data Systems Corporation We have seen about 28 different instances of Storm.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. If you think there is a virus or malware with this product, please submit your feedback at the bottom.


Something wrong with Storm.exe ?

Is Storm.exe using too much CPU or memory ? It's probably your file has been infected with a virus. Let try the program named DriverIdentifier to see if it helps.

How to remove Storm.exe

If you encounter difficulties with Storm.exe , you can uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs

What can you do to fix Storm.exe ?

Let try to run a system scan with Speed Up My PC to see any error, then you can do some other troubleshooting steps.
If you think this is a driver issue, please try

Where do we see Storm.exe ?

Here is the list of instances that we see for the process: Storm.exe

  Path Product Name Vendor Version Size MD5
1 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert\storm\Storm.exe Windows Live Communications Platform Microsoft Corporation 14.0.8117.0416 195020 708BD38936A31FBE62EF34C74D06233C
2 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert\storm\Storm.exe Opera Internet Browser Opera Software 11.61 198963 7DF8196C525B89D6744BC3F3DF4D14B2
3 D:\Program Files\abbn\transfert0\storm\Storm.exe 192716 001EBB5198E338FD33471A82108B8E90
4 E:\abbn\transfert\storm\Storm.exe 191846 22F3563798EABECF094DD2BADEF8E92B
5 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 220518 4FE8686F7CC005689B3613EE8EC1BE9C
6 C:\Program Files (x86)\Cooler Master\STORM\Storm.exe Storm -- Sentinel CoolerMaster 2771353 6D36FC9330FBEBAA3879E0BA2BD2197A
7 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 218880 E9483D28532B5DB402A5747652066601
8 C:\WINDOWS\system32\storm.exe 43827 BAE0FB25BCF05A5DA7FDE8DCE759EE0D
9 C:\Program Files\Arturia\Storm 3.0 demo\storm.exe 4505 CB117D3F089071B073B8BD636405A1DD
10 D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\STORM - Frontline Nation\STORM.exe STORM - Frontline Nation 1, 0, 9, 1480 459161 7FE9E6A03BE0B39B438E2EB763C955DE
11 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert\storm\Storm.exe 203571 E673CDC95B3C31BBE23014698A82FEB6
12 D:\Program Files\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 240793 045E28C5F2C0083C33EAE84CFE200193
13 E:\abbn\transfert\storm\Storm.exe 192716 001EBB5198E338FD33471A82108B8E90
14 C:\Program Files (x86)\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 240793 045E28C5F2C0083C33EAE84CFE200193
15 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert\storm\Storm.exe 192716 001EBB5198E338FD33471A82108B8E90
16 C:\Program Files (x86)\Arturia\Storm 3.0 demo\storm.exe 4505 CB117D3F089071B073B8BD636405A1DD
17 E:\storm\Storm.exe 203571 E673CDC95B3C31BBE23014698A82FEB6
18 C:\Program Files (x86)\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 233267 33307C9C73FD1BD4D2C82B5742454079
19 E:\14\transfert\storm\Storm.exe 198963 7DF8196C525B89D6744BC3F3DF4D14B2
20 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 582195 8D1377401F9A5597135C5FE57A763147
21 C:\Program Files\abbn\transfert5\storm\Storm.exe 582195 E0E6DF87697565789E60E99F8680CE02
22 C:\Advanced Data Systems\Elite\bin\storm.exe Medics Elite Advanced Data Systems Corporation 8,0,16,0 845414 7F5F4022FF73665BF7BF8741A1E281C6
23 C:\Users\username\Desktop\STORM v2.6.0.2\STORM.exe STORM 282880 6428D76B5821AE73BD23023B71DB4F2C
24 C:\Program Files (x86)\abbn\Transfert5\Storm\Storm.exe 675225 8851181F3D625D4929DCC995383799F0
25 C:\Program Files (x86)\abbn\transfert5\Storm\Storm.exe 675430 17902FC7D089E4295EE9A31DB1CFA8B2
26 C:\Program Files (x86)\abbn\Transfert5\Storm\Storm.exe 676403 BC4D59566B9BBF6DE921A2BA5C7DBF67
27 D:\Program Files (x86)\abbn\Transfert5\Storm\Storm.exe 676403 BC4D59566B9BBF6DE921A2BA5C7DBF67
28 D:\abbn 2020\Transfert5\Storm\Storm.exe 676403 BC4D59566B9BBF6DE921A2BA5C7DBF67

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