Developer Creative Technology Ltd info

Name: Creative Technology Ltd

List of software(s) that Creative Technology Ltd has built:

  Filename Product
  4DMAIN.EXE Dell Webcam Central
  5733_PCDrv_US_2_1_40.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  AB25F.exe Dell Webcam Central
  AHQRUN.exe AudioHQ
  ALMY_PCAPP_LB_1_43_27.exe Creative ALchemy Web Release
  AMBSetup.exe Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED MB
  AMBSPISyncService.exe Creative Software Sales
  APOIM32.exe Creative Audio Processing Object Interface Module
  APOIM64.exe Creative Audio Processing Object Interface Module
  APOPCH.exe APO Patch
  AppSetup.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  AtmoWinA.exe Creative Audio Product
  AUD2DRVL11030123.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  AudCon_PCApp_LB_1_20_23.exe Audio Console Web Update
  AudCtr.exe Creative Audio Center
  AudCvtu.exe Audio Converter
  AUDIGYRX.exe Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx Web Release
  AudioConsoleLauncher.exe Sound Blaster Audigy
  AudioCvt.exe Audio Converter
  AudioGenie.exe AudioGenie.exe
  AUDLS_PCDRV_LB_1-02-00.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  audzero.exe SBX Pro Studio
  AutoUpdateA.exe Creative Software AutoUpdate
  BlasterX.exe Sound Blaster Control Panel
  BLSTAPP.EXE BlasterControl 3
  BXAE.exe Sound Blaster Control Panel
  c1aa4389d857498c5a22f85d510e2624.exe Sound Blaster MP3+/Sound Blaster Digital Music
  CamTray.exe Creative Cam Detector
  CDBD_PCApp_1_00_05.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  Centrale.exe Creative Centrale
  CLCS_0640_PCDRV_17_1_00_05.exe Creative Live! Cam Socialize (VF0640)
  CMS5_PCAPP_LB_5_10_38.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  CMS5_PCAPP_LB_5_26_02.exe Creative MediaSource 5
  ConsoLC.exe Console
  ConsoLCu.exe Console
  CPdeSrvU.exe NOMAD Jukebox
  Creative-Sound-Blaster-5.1.exe Sound Blaster Live! Driver Pack II
  creative-sound-blaster-live-ct4830-driver.exe SBLive! Hotfix
  Creative.AudPosService.exe Creative.AudPosService
  Creative.UWPRPCService.exe UWPRPCService
  Creative.VADMonitorService.exe Creative.VADMonitorService
  Creative040602010.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  Creative_SB-0570_Win7.exe Sound Blaster Audigy Web Update
  Creative_SB24_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0090-w7.exe Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit/Audigy Driver Update
  CSL_PCAPP_LB_2_61_09.exe Creative Console Launcher Web Update
  CSL_PCAPP_LB_2_61_35.exe Creative Console Launcher Web Update
  CTActMgr.exe Activation Manager
  CTAPR.exe Audio Playback Redirection Engine
  CTAPR2.exe Audio Playback Redirection Engine
  CTASR.exe Creative ASR
  ctaud2k.exe Creative Audio Product
  CTAudCS.exe Creative Audio Console
  CTAudRun.exe Creative Audio Console
  CTAudSvc.exe Creative Audio Service
  CTAudTsk.exe CTAudTsk
  CTbridgU.exe bridge Module
  CTCamCtrl.exe Live! Central2
  CTCheck.exe Creative Media Explorer Detector
  CTCMS.exe Creative MediaSource
  CTCMSGo.exe Creative MediaSource Go!
  CTCMSGoU.exe Creative MediaSource Go!
  CTCMSu.exe Creative MediaSource
  CTConsLu.exe Console
  CTDetctu.exe Creative MediaSource Detector
  CTDetect.exe Creative MediaSource Detector
  CTDevSrv.exe CTDevSrv Application
  CTEQ.exe Creative Graphic Equalizer
  CTFaMicetra.exe Creative Fatal1ty Professional Laser Mouse
  CtHdaSvc.exe Creative Audio Product
  CTHELPER.EXE CtHelper Application
  CTHKCtrl.exe Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx
  CTHKSvr.exe Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3
  CTJBPlay.exe CTJBPlay
  CTJckCfg.exe Creative Jack Configuration
  CTKarLyu.dll Creative Karaoke Player
  CTKaru.exe Creative Karaoke Player
  CTLauncher.exe Creative Launcher
  CTLTask.exe Creative Taskbar
  CTLVCentral2.exe Live! Central 2
  CTLVCentral3.exe Live! Central 3
  CTMBAct.exe Sound Blaster ADVANCED MB License Activation
  CTMBDemo.exe CTMBDemo Application
  CTMix3.exe Creative Mixer
  CTOSChk.exe OS Check Utility
  CTPCCam.exe PC-CAM Center
  CTPdeSrv.exe NOMAD Jukebox
  CTPlyLsU.exe CTPlyLst Application
  CtPmNtfy.exe Creative Prodikeys PC-MIDI
  CTPoint.exe Creative Mouse Monitor Application
  Ctregrun.exe Creative On-line Registration System
  CTRegSvr.exe CTRegSvr
  CTSched.exe Creative CTSched
  CTSGrab.exe Screen Capture
  CTSkinLd.exe Creative Skin Engine
  CTSMode.exe Auto Mode Switcher
  CTSUApp.exe Creative Software AutoUpdate
  CTSUAppu.exe Creative Software AutoUpdate
  CTsvcCDA.exe Creative Service for CDROM Access
  CTSVolFE.exe Volume Control
  CTSysVol.exe Creative Volume Control
  CTType.exe Creative Keyboard Monitor Application
  CTUPnPFn.exe UPnPSubP Application
  CTUPnPSv.exe Creative Centrale
  CTWave.exe Creative WaveStudio
  Ctxfihlp.exe CTXfiHlp Application
  CTXFISPI.EXE Creative Audio Product
  CtxSvc32.exe Sound Blaster
  CTZAPXX.exe Creative Audio Product
  CTZenCu.exe Creative ZENcast Organizer
  CTZLite.exe Creative Media Lite Software
  DellWebcamSW.exe Dell Webcam Software
  DellWebcamSW_2.exe Dell Webcam Software
  DI5663A_PCDRV_US_7_35_00_00_XP32.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  DI5663A_PCDRV_US_7_62_00_00_Vista32.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  diagent.exe Creative Diagnostics Agent
  DiVi_516_PCDRV_US_4_70_1.exe DiVi Cam 516
  DiVi_525D_PCDRV_US_4_69_0.exe Divi Cam 525D
  DnLVCentral2.exe Live! Central 2
  driver live cam.exe Webcam Vista / Live! Cam Chat (VF0330)
  driver para creative cam.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  DWSS_V_1_4_PCAPP_WEBUP_5.exe Dell Webcam Software
  DWSS_V_2_0_PCAPP_WEBUP_6.exe Dell Webcam Software
  E09532.EXE Creative Volume Control
  EAX.exe EAX Console Application
  EAXLoadr.exe Creative Entertainment Center
  EMUK_PCAppDrv_L6_1_02_03.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  EMUORReg.exe Creative Product Registration Helper Program for 3rd Party
  EmuPMX_PCDrv_L6_1_82_01.exe E-MU Audio Drivers HotFix
  EmuPMX_PCDRV_L6_2_00_10.exe E-MU Audio Drivers HotFix
  EmuPMX_PCDrv_L6_2_00_11.exe E-MU Audio Drivers HotFix
  EmuPMX_PCDrv_L6_2_10_00.exe E-MU Audio Drivers HotFix
  EmuPMX_PCDrv_US_2_30_00.exe E-MU PCIe Audio Drivers
  EntC.exe Entertainment Console
  entc.exe  Entertainment Console
  FSRecSched.exe Creative Audio Product
  FunMix.exe FunMix Application
  GCEntC.exe Entertainment Console
  gCTAudSvc.exe Creative Audio Service
  gSB51_WDRV1_LB_5_12_01_202.exe Sound Blaster 5.1 Driver Update
  gVolPanlu.exe Creative Volume Panel
  HbDetect.exe MADE FOR ME detector
  HKManager.exe HotKeys Manager
  InetReg.exe Creative Product Registration
  îöìîä çãùä2.exe Creative Live! Cam Chat IM(VF0530)
  iRoar.exe iRoar Dashboard
  KWDetect.exe Kenwood player detector
  LCCH_0330_1_12_01.exe Webcam Vista / Live! Cam Chat (VF0330)
  LCCH_0330_DRV_B_LA_1_12_01.exe Webcam Vista / Live! Cam Chat (VF0330)
  LCCH_0330_DRV_LA_1_12_01.exe Webcam Vista / Live! Cam Chat (VF0330)
  LCCH_0700_PCDRV_17_1_00_06.exe Creative Live! Cam Chat HD (VF0700)
  LCCM_0530_PCDRV_LA_1_02_02.exe Creative Live! Cam Chat IM (VF0530)
  LCCT_0750_PCDRV_17_1_01_01A.exe Creative Live! Cam Connect HD (VF0750) Web Release
  LCIP_0720_PCDRV_17_1_02_01.exe Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD(VF0720)
  LCNB_0470_DRV_B_LA_1_03_01.exe Live! Cam Notebook (VF0470)
  LCNB_0470_DRV_LA_1_03_01.exe Live! Cam Notebook (VF0470)
  LCNB_PCDRV_US_1_01_01.EXE Live! Cam Notebook Drivers V1.01.01
  LCNP_0250_PCDrv_US_1_04_02.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LCNP_DRVAP_US_1_02_06_0627.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LCNP_PCDRV_1_02_06_0627.EXE Creative Self-Extracting
  LCNP_PCDRV_LA_0400_1_05_03.exe Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0400)
  LCNU_0130_DRV_LA_1_04_01.exe Live! Cam Notebook Ultra (VC0130)
  LCOF_0280_PCDRV_LA_1_04_04.exe Creative Live! Cam Optia AF
  LCSH_0610_PCDRV_17_1_04_01.exe Creative Live! Cam Socialize HD (VF0610)
  LCSH_7701D_W1_17.exe Creative Live! Cam Sync HD(VF0770)
  LCSY_0520_PCDRV_17_1_01_04.exe Creative Live! Cam Sync (VF0520)
  LCSY_0520_PCDRV_17_1_01_04A.exe Creative Live! Cam Sync (VF0520)
  LCVA_0420_1_01_01.exe Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0420)
  LCVA_0420_DRV_LA_1_01_01.exe Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0420)
  LCVA_PCDrv_US_1_11_02.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LCVM_0350_1_04_01.exe Live! Cam Video IM (VF0350)
  LCVM_0350_DRV_LA_1_04_01.exe Live! Cam Video IM (VF0350)
  LCVM_0350_PCAVFX_US_1_03_01.exe Live! Cam Optia Drivers V1.03.01
  LCVM_0540_PCDRV_US_1_01_03.exe Creative Live! Video IM/Video Chat (VF0540)
  LCVM_PCDRV_US_1_03_02.exe Live! Cam Video IM Drivers V1.03.02
  LCVO_DRVAP_US_1_02_08_0710.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LCVO_DRVAP_US_1_02_08_0710_2.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LCVP_0410_DRV_LA_1_03_01.exe Live! Cam Video IM Pro (VF0410)
  LCVP_PCDrv_US_1_03_02.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LiveCamDe.exe Live! Cam Center
  LiveDrvPack.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LiveDrvPack_Patch.exe Creative Self-Extracting
  LiveDrvUni-Pack-28SPN-29-3.5.exe Sound Blaster Live! Driver Pack II
  MBSETUP.EXE Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED MB
  MdSwtchu.exe Console
  mgrih.exe Dell Webcam Central
  MIDIDef.exe Creative Audio Product
  MiniKeyboard.exe Mini Keyboard Application
  mint32.exe Creative Technology Ltd
  mint64.exe Creative Technology Ltd
  MTB6_PCAPP_LB_6_03_00.exe Creative Media Toolbox 6
  MTB6_PCAPP_LB_6_03_01.exe Creative Media ToolBox 6
  MtdAcq.EXE Metadata monitor
  MtdAcqu.exe Metadata monitor
  MTScdAgt.exe Scheduling Agent
  multibar.exe Creative Volume Control
  MusicSvr.exe Creative Music Server
  MuVoTXFM_PCFW_1_21_01.exe MuVo TX FM Firmware