Developer Nokia info

Name: Nokia

List of software(s) that Nokia has built:

  Filename Product
  1-CLICK ALL FLASHER-BY TUSHAR.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  145.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  1B7710.EXE PC Suite
  1EVL87IVH.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  283.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  3D9GJF10J.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  417.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  49fc76feff043c1e3f529af2cce719e0.exe Nokia PC Suite
  513.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  5220XpressMusic.exe N5220XpressMusic
  904.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  Aerofoil.exe Nokia Suite
  alarm.exe PC Suite
  amddriverdownloader.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  ApplicationInstaller.exe Nokia Application Installer
  ApplicationLauncher.exe Application Launcher
  avaghx.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  backupClient-pixx.exe Nokia M Platform
  baloon.exe Nokia Suite
  BancaIntesaUser32.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  bpk2.exe Nokia M Platform
  ByteOMeter.exe PC Suite
  CareSuiteForStore- Care Suite PST 5
  CareSuiteForStore- Care Suite PST 5
  CareSuiteForStore- Care Suite PST 5
  caresuiteforstore-  Care Suite PST 5
  cmnfilemanagerbroker.exe cmnfilemanagerbroker Module
  cokpj.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  ContentCopier.exe ContentCopier
  CoSoftStats.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  cpfJdZEs.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  CQTxNdtT.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  cUifmasx.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  CyhoBfYU.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  d6_6103.exe Nokia Suite
  Data Card Connect.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  DataPackageManager.exe DataPackageManagerApplication
  DCyVSIPx.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  DeviceUpdaterProcess.exe Nokia Suite
  DPM2.exe Data Package Manager 2.0
  DriverToolkitInstaller-1.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  eaPlEcGV.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  eshxom.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  EventTraceService.exe EventTraceService
  EventTraceServiceMonitor.exe ServiceTest
  EventViewer.exe EventViewer.NET
  EverythingMe-Launcher-3.1476.9943_www.APK2DAY.NET.apk.exe Nokia PC Suite
  ewydur.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  F13.exe PC Suite
  fasttrace.exe Nokia Tracing
  FastWeb 3G.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  fhide.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  FlashPlayer__4369_i824508962_il13.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  freelogger.exe Nokia Suite
  fuse.exe Nokia Fuse
  FuseService.exe Fuse Service
  FUSUpdater.exe PC Sync
  fytdlopi.exe Nokia Ovi Suite 2
  GameModule.elb PC Connectivity Solution
  GCSServer.exe GCS R5 Communication Service
  gcssync.exe GCS R5 Communication Service
  GetConnected.exe Get Connected Wizard
  GlqQcVOA.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  gNokia Care Suite 2013.49.3.30.exe Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  gNokia Care Suite Care Suite PST 5
  gNPCIA.exe Nokia PC Internet Access
  grcEXlfn.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  HappyChristmas.exe Nokia Suite
  HcAtjfHx.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  Hear.exe Nokia Suite
  Hike.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  How to Convert 2GB Memory Card to 4GB .exe PC Suite
  HPPDU.exe Nokia M Platform
  Hub.exe Nokia Social Hub
  igma.exe PC Suite
  ijuesg.pif PC Connectivity Solution
  iMESLeanShip.exe Nokia.MES.LeanShip
  installer-220687-623920-pc-chips-m810d.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  installer_internet_accelerator.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  Install_Nokia_Ovi_Suite.exe Installer
  iqmkqdpg.exe PC Suite
  Iridium.exe PC Suite
  JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v 5.exe Nokia PC Suite
  Jimbo.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  jtbr.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  KoalaPlayer.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  kvod.pif PC Connectivity Solution
  Kzieio.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  Launch Application 2.exe Launch Application
  LaunchApplication.exe PC Suite
  lpjGQdxB.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  magicrds.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  Map Loader.exe MapLoader20
  MAPIHelperProxy.exe PCSync
  Marktplaats.exe Nokia Suite
  MCGKillerService.exe MCGService
  MediaBox.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  memory stick flash drive increaser to 4gb 2.exe PC Suite
  MMACEPrev.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  mmconverterpro.exe Multimedia Converter Pro
  mordphn.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  MOT_ME.EXE Nokia One Touch Access
  MultiImeiReader.exe Nokia Care Suite
  MultimediaFactory.exe MultimediaFactory Application
  MultimediaPlayer.exe Nokia Multimedia Player
  MultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  MultiPortFlashDownloadProject_single.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  MultiSoftwareUpdater.exe Product Support Tool
  n1lPLaDnuB.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  Navitel.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  nbridge.exe Nokia Network Bridge
  Ncell Connect.exe Nokia Suite
  NclBCBTSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclBTHandler.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclInstaller.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclInstaller64.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclIrSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclIVTBTSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclMSBTSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclMSBTSrvEx.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclRSSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclToBTSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclToBTSrv64.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NclUSBSrv.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  nksm.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  NOKIA 3806 USB DRIVER Ver1.5.exe NOKIA 3806 US
  Nokia Care Suite Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  Nokia Care Suite Nokia Care Suite PST 5
  Nokia Care Suite Care Suite PST 5
  Nokia Care Suite Care Suite PST 5
  Nokia Configuration Tool.exe Nokia Configuration Tool
  Nokia pc internet access.exe Nokia PC Internet Access
  Nokia Software Updater For Retail 3.0.4.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  Nokia Software Updater for Retail 4.1.0.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  Nokia Suite 3.8.48.exe Nokia Suite v3.8.48.0
  Nokia.ApplicationService.exe Nokia Application Service
  Nokia.Marvin.OfflineConfigEditor.exe Offline Configuration Editor
  Nokia.Marvin.TestExecutionUI.exe Marvin
  nokiaaserver.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore-2013.49.3.30.exe Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore-2013_13_4_4.exe Nokia Care Su
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore-2013_20_5_3.exe Nokia Care Su
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore- Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore- Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore- Nokia Care Suite PST 5
  NokiaCareSuiteForStore- Nokia Care Suite PST 5 Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  NokiaHomeMediaServer.exe Nokia Home Media Server
  NokiaInstaller.exe Installer
  Nokialifeblog2.exe Nokia Lifeblog
  NokiaMaploaderSetupES.exe Nokia Map Loader
  NokiaMServer.exe Nokia M Platform
  NokiaMusic.exe Nokia Music
  NokiaMusicPlayer.exe Nokia Music Player
  NokiaOviPlayer.exe Nokia Ovi Player
  NokiaOviSuite.exe Nokia Ovi Suite
  NokiaPcPhoneService.exe Nokia PC Phone
  NokiaPcPhoneTray.exe Nokia PC Phone
  NokiaPhotos.exe NokiaPhotos
  NokiaPhotos2.exe Nokia Photos
  NokiaSmartOffice.exe NokiaSmartOffice
  NokiaSoftwareRecoveryTool.exe Nokia Software Recovery Tool
  NokiaSoftwareRecoveryToolInstaller.exe Nokia Software Recovery Tool
  NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail_3.0.8.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail_4.1.0.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail_4.2.1.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail_4.3.2.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  NokiaSuite.exe Nokia Suite
  NokiaSuiteHelp.exe Nokia Suite
  NokiaVFSWrapper.exe Nokia Phone Browser / VFS Wrapper
  Nokia_3650_PC_Suite_30_es.exe Nokia
  Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2013.38.3.2_Full.exe Nokia Care Su
  Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2013.49.3.30.exe Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
  Nokia_Conn_Cable_Driver_145_4_eng-us.exe Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver
  Nokia_Internet_Modem.exe Setup
  Nokia_N72.exe Nokia N72 CD-ROM
  Nokia_PC_Suite_Cleaner_7_1_1.exe Nokia PC Suite Cleaner
  Nokia_Software_Updater_For_Retail_3.0.8.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  Nokia_Software_Updater_For_Retail_3.0.8_2.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  npacketsvc.exe Ethernet Packet Service
  npcia .exe Nokia PC Internet Access
  NPCIA.exe Nokia PC Internet Access
  npwrmngr.exe NpwrMngr
  nsu3ui.exe Nokia Software Updater
  NSUforRetail.exe Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  NSUpdateMgrUI.exe Nokia Booklet software updater
  nyhmi.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  nZZyQpjg.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  OdqQkwCm.exe PC Connectivity Solution
  OEMServiceHost.exe Nokia OEM Service Host
  OfflineViewer.exe OfflineViewer
  OneTouchAccess.exe Nokia One Touch Access
  OtomasyonHackv2.22.exe PC Suite
  Ovi Files_agent.exe Ovi Files Nokia Ovi Player
  padma.exe PC Connectivity Solution