Developer Apple Computer, Inc. info

Name: Apple Computer, Inc.

List of software(s) that Apple Computer, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  a4db3403ecea134cb1cd347f2faf5a47.exe Bonjour
  APDiskAgent.exe Agente del disco AirPort
  AppleTime.exe AppleTime
  AppleWorks.exe AppleWorks
  Brightness.exe Brightness
  fudite.exe Bonjour
  gamevance32.exe QuickTime
  h264_video_pwplugin_helper.exe Bonjour
  http_ss_win_pro.exe Bonjour
  IgSvc.exe Bonjour
  Indosat 3.5G connect.exe QuickTime
  iPodSetup.exe iPod for Windows 2006-06-28
  iPodshuffleResetUtility.exe iPod shuffle Reset Utility
  QT32.EXE QuickTime for Windows
  qttask .exe QuickTime
  qttask.exe QuickTime
  Quick Time 7.1.3.exe QuickTime
  RTPSvc.exe Bonjour
  UrsaConsole.exe QuickTime
  winiautt.exe Bonjour