Developer Citrix Systems, Inc. info

Name: Citrix Systems, Inc.

List of software(s) that Citrix Systems, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  3B4658.EXE Citrix ICA Client
  500aa3b9dd75653c7ce73176896aefa4.exe Windows Fixup for DNE
  AppSwitcher.exe AppSwitcher
  ARCompanionForSession0.exe Citrix Receiver
  ARCompanionForSession1.exe Citrix Receiver
  ARCompanionForSession2.exe Citrix Receiver
  AuthManSvr.exe Dazzle
  BNDevice.exe Provisioning Services
  BrokerAgent.exe XenDesktop
  cag_plugin.exe Citrix Access Gateway
  CdfSvc.exe Citrix Common Diagnostic Facility
  cdmsvc.exe Citrix MetaFrame
  CDSBar.exe Citrix ICA Client
  CDViewer.exe Citrix ICA Client
  ceip.exe Ceip
  CitrixAccelerationPlugin.exe Citrix Acceleration Plug-in
  CitrixAccelerationPluginUI.exe Citrix Acceleration Plug-in
  CitrixAccelerationService.exe Citrix Acceleration Plug-in
  CitrixAccelerator.exe Citrix Accelerator
  CitrixAcceleratorService.exe Citrix Accelerator
  CitrixAcceleratorUI.exe Citrix Accelerator
  CitrixCGPServer.exe Citrix ICA Host
  CitrixCloudBridgePlugin.exe Citrix CloudBridge Plug-in
  CitrixCloudBridgePluginUI.exe Citrix CloudBridge Plug-in
  CitrixCloudBridgeService.exe Citrix CloudBridge Plug-in
  CitrixCseEngine.exe Citrix Group Policy Management
  CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe Citrix ICA Client
  CitrixReceiver 4.6.exe Citrix Receiver
  CitrixReceiver.exe Citrix Receiver
  CitrixReceiver1.exe Citrix Receiver
  CitrixReceiver4.2.100.exe Citrix Receiver
  CitrixReceiver4.5.exe Citrix Receiver
  CitrixReceiverWeb.exe Citrix ICA Client
  CitrixReceiver_4.11.exe Citrix Receiver
  CitrixUSB.exe Citrix ICA Host
  CitrixWorkspaceApp_2.exe Citrix Workspace
  Commsales81_MAXGP.exe Citrix Receiver
  concentr.exe Citrix ICA Client
  ConfigMgrSvr.exe Citrix MetaFrame
  ConfigurationWizard.exe Citrix Receiver
  CpSvc.exe Citrix ICA Host
  cpviewer.exe Citrix ICA Client
  CtxActiveSync.exe Citrix Presentation Server
  CtxAudioService.exe Citrix ICA Host
  ctxcpusched.exe Citrix CPU Utilization Management
  ctxgfx.exe Citrix ICA Host
  ctxidhlp.exe Citrix XenDesktop
  CtxInstall.exe Citrix Presentation Server
  ctxload.exe Citrix Independent Management Architecture
  CtxLSPortSvc.exe Citrix Licensing
  CtxMtHost.exe Citrix ICA Host
  CtxPvD.exe Citrix personal vDisk
  CtxPvDSvc.exe Citrix personal vDisk
  ctxrdr.exe Citrix ICA Host
  CtxSFOSvc.exe Citrix MetaFrame
  CtxSGSvc.exe Citrix Gateway Core Service
  CtxSvcHost.exe Citrix ICA Host
  CtxTwnPa.exe Citrix ICA Client
  ctxwmisvc.exe Citrix WMI Provider
  ctxxmlss.exe Citrix XenApp
  encsvc.exe Citrix ICA Host
  G2AC_HostLauncher.exe GoToAssist Corporate
  G2AC_HostNoUI.exe GoToAssist Corporate
  g2ax_customer_combined_dll_core_win32_x86_1185.exe GoToAssist
  g2ax_customer_combined_dll_core_win32_x86_1251.exe GoToAssist
  g2ax_customer_combined_dll_core_win32_x86_948.exe GoToAssist
  g2ax_user_high_customer.exe GoToAssist
  GadwinPrintScreen.exe Citrix ICA Client
  gfxmgr.exe Citrix ICA Host
  HCAService.exe Citrix XenApp
  icabar.exe Citrix MetaFrame
  IMAAdvanceSrv.exe Citrix XenApp
  ImaSrv.exe Citrix Independent Management Architecture
  install_ocs_v2.0_gpo.exe Citrix Receiver
  lmadmin.exe Citrix ICA Host
  LyncMonitor.exe Citrix HDX RealTime Connector
  MediaEngine.Net.Service.exe Citrix HDX RealTime MediaEngine.Net.Service
  MediaEngineHost.exe Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine
  MediaEngineService.exe Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine
  mfcom.exe Citrix XenApp
  MgmtDaemon.exe Provisioning Services
  mlb-nexdef-autobahn.exe Citrix ICA Client
  net6vpn.exe Citrix Access Gateway
  npmsvc.exe Citrix ICA Client
  picaDispMgr.exe Citrix ICA Host
  PicaEuemRelay.exe Citrix ICA Host
  PicaImpersonationClient.exe Citrix ICA Host
  PicaSessionAgent.exe Citrix ICA Host
  PicaSessionMgr.exe Citrix ICA Host
  picaShell.exe Citrix ICA Host
  picaSvc.exe Citrix ICA Host
  picaSvc2.exe Citrix ICA Host
  picaTWIHost.exe Citrix ICA Host
  PicaUserAgent.exe Citrix ICA Host
  pn.exe Citrix ICA Client
  pnagent.exe Citrix ICA Client
  PNAMAIN.EXE Citrix ICA Client
  PrefPanel.exe Citrix Receiver
  PrimaryAuthModule.exe Citrix Receiver
  PrivService.exe Citrix Receiver
  PseudoContainer.exe Citrix ICA Client
  PseudoContainer2.exe Citrix ICA Client
  RadeHlprSvc.exe Citrix offline plug-in
  RadeLauncher.exe Citrix offline plug-in
  RadeObj.exe Citrix offline plug-in
  RadeSandbox.exe Citrix Offline Plug-in
  RadeSvc.exe Citrix offline plug-in
  Receiver.exe Citrix Receiver
  redirector.exe Citrix ICA Client
  RHComm.exe Citrix Tools For Virtual Machines
  Sagent.exe Citrix Password Manager
  saginst.exe Citrix Installation Manager
  SelfService.exe Citrix Receiver
  SelfServicePlugin.exe Citrix Receiver
  SemsService.exe Citrix ICA Host
  SessionStateMonitor.exe SessionStateMonitor
  ShareFileSync.exe ShareFile
  ShareFileSyncMonitor.exe ShareFile
  SoapServer.exe Provisioning Server
  ssonsvr.exe Citrix ICA Client
  ssoshell.exe Citrix Single Sign-On
  SvcndmpV3.exe Citrix Receiver
  TN5250.EXE Citrix ICA Client
  TrolleyExpress.exe Citrix ICA Client
  UserProfileManager.exe Profile management
  UWACacheService.exe XenDesktop
  VDARedirector.exe Citrix ICA Host
  vdiAgent.exe VDI-in-a-Box Agent Service
  vdiAgentMonitor.exe Citrix VDI-in-a-Box
  vdiAgentMonitorWorker.exe Citrix VDI-in-a-Box
  VdiHdxConnectorService.exe VDI-in-a-Box HDX Connector Service
  VdiHdxUserSessionHelper.exe VdiHdxUserSessionHelper
  WebSocketService.exe Citrix HDX Multimedia
  WFCRUN32.EXE Citrix ICA Client
  WFICA32.EXE Citrix ICA Client
  wfshell.exe Citrix ICA Host
  XenCenterSetup.exe Citrix XenCenter
  XenDpriv.exe Citrix Tools For Virtual Machines
  XenGuestAgent.Exe Citrix Tools For Virtual Machines
  xenlegacy.exe Citrix Tools for Virtual Machines
  XenServerHealthCheck.exe XenServer Health Check Service
  xenservice.exe CitrixTools for Virtual Machines
  xsvc_depriv.exe CitrixTools for Virtual Machines
  XTE.exe Citrix Gateway Core Service