Developer Brother Industries, Ltd. info

Name: Brother Industries, Ltd.

List of software(s) that Brother Industries, Ltd. has built:

  Filename Product
  554068f8ea8800c0384fdb621b719bba.exe Brother MFL Pro
  abw10210spa.exe P-touch Address Book 1.0
  auditormailer.exe Brother BRPrint Auditor
  ba3720001eur.exe BRAdmin Professional
  BasicUpTo107.exe PED-Basic
  bitport-sync-client-v2.exe Status Monitor Application
  BPRSPLauncher.exe BPRSPLauncher
  BRAdmin.Service.exe Brother BRAdmin Service
  BRAdminPro4.exe Brother BRAdmin Professional 4
  bradminv3.exe BRAdmin Professional
  BRAdmLight.exe BRAdmin Light
  BRAL130.EXE Printer Driver Application Launcher
  BRAL160.EXE Printer Driver Application Launcher
  BRALB30.EXE Printer Driver Application Launcher
  BrBarcodeUtilityService.exe Barcode Utility
  BrBFLogX.exe BrBFLogX.exe
  BrCcBoot.exe Brother ControlCenter
  brccMCtl.exe Control Center 3
  BrCcUxSys.exe Brother ControlCenter
  BrCtrCen.exe ControlCenter
  BrCtrlCntr.exe Brother ControlCenter
  brdiagtool.exe The Brother Product Research & Support Program
  BrDlInst.exe BrDlInst
  BREngineProcess.exe BREngineProcess
  BrIndicator.exe BrIndicator
  Brinstck.exe Brother MFL Pro Suite
  BrLogRx.exe Brother MFC Windows Software Standard Debug Log Receive Process
  BrLogRx64.exe Brother MFC Windows Software Standard Debug Log Receive Process
  BrmfBAgP.exe Brother MFL Pro
  BrmfBAgS.exe Brother MFL Pro
  BrMfcmon.exe Brother Status Monitor Application
  BrMfcWnd.exe Brother Status Monitor Application
  BrMfimon.exe Brother Status Monitor Application
  Brmfrmps.exe Brother MFL Pro
  BrmfRsmg.exe Brother MFL Pro
  Brnipmon.exe Brother IP Monitor
  Brother CanvasWorkspace.exe Brother CanvasWorkspace
  BrotherHelp.exe Brother Help
  BrotherNetTool.exe BrotherNetTool
  BrotherOfflineChk.exe BrotherOfflineCheck
  BrotherUSBTool.exe BrotherUSBTool
  BRPCU14A.exe BRPCU14A.exe
  BrPdrMai.exe Brother MFL-Pro
  BrRemPnP.exe BrRemPnP
  BrSoftwareUpdCheckTool.exe BrSoftwareUpdCheckTool
  BrStMonScn.exe ScannerStatusMonitor
  BrStMonW.exe Status Monitor Application
  BrTwnAccs.exe ControlCenter4
  BrUpdaterDownloader.exe Status Monitor Application
  BrUpdaterDownloader_1.exe Status Monitor Application
  BrWiEvRg.exe Brother BrWiEvRg
  BrWPrWiz.exe Wizard for Brother MFL Pro
  BrYNSvc.exe BrYNCSvc
  CableLabel.exe Cable Label Tool
  Connections.Server.Service.exe Brother Industries, Ltd.
  DB4712F55AA8D810.exe BrotherNetTool
  DriverPack-17-Online_1944038095.1551774943.exe ControlCenter
  DrvLangChg.exe DrvLangChg
  dsetupu.exe DSETUPU
  e8075773-a3a7-492b-9e1d-cd85cade3235.exe Control Center 3
  EmbDB.exe Design Database
  EmbDBT.exe Design Database Transfer
  Embplus2.exe PE-DESIGN PLUS2
  EMLAK.EXE BrIndicator
  en_Driver.exe IsLight
  en_Real1.exe IsLight
  esnetmon.exe Status Monitor
  es_MFC.exe IsLight
  es_MFCA.exe IsLight
  FILEDG32.EXE Filedrgs
  FirmwareUpdater.exe Brother Firmware Update Tool
  f_setup.exe Brother P-touch series update utility
  gBrIndicator.exe BrIndicator
  gtxpromsg.exe Brother GTX pro Messenger
  InstPPSE.exe Brother MFL Pro Suite
  InstUI.exe Setup Launcher
  InstView.exe Brother MFC Windows Software Standard Debug Log Receive Process
  iPSNotifier.exe Rodem.Notifier.Wpf
  iPSUpdater.exe iPSUpdater
  jgfpocexdjn.exe P-touch Library
  jotumqxdjronlwjjru.exe P-touch Library
  Kojseicce.exe Brother ControlCenter
  main-setup.exe BrotherNetTool
  MDSCAN.exe Mobile Document SCAN
  npbtktqcateictkvq.exe P-touch Library
  OmniJoinTrial.exe OmniJoin Trial
  osckgpxshuxpev.exe P-touch Library
  osupsmcvmj.exe P-touch Library
  PCFaxTxDial.exe PC-FAX SendDial Dialog Application
  PCFaxTxSet.exe PC-FAX Setup Application
  PCfxDial.exe Brother PC-FAX Dial Dialog Application
  pelite.exe PED-Basic
  Petronas SKF Gates Hi-Force.exe BrYNCSvc
  picbridge.exe picbridge
  pl_Driver2.exe IsLight
  PromptSettingOn.exe PromptSettingOn
  pt95m.exe MonitorUI.exe
  Ptedit3.exe P-touch Editor
  PtLib21.exe P-touch Library
  PtLib22.exe P-touch Library
  PtLib23.exe P-touch Library
  PTLITE10.EXE P-touch Editor Lite
  ptnmwnd.exe Brother Status Monitor ( Network )
  PtouchEditor6.Wpf.exe Brother P-touch Editor
  Ptpie.EXE P-touch Quick Editor
  puw10018.exe Brother P-touch Update Software
  pwnfrncveir.exe P-touch Library
  qjptaggmtjvjrpl.exe P-touch Library
  raslnsdtcsqcvdudw.exe P-touch Library
  ru_Face.exe IsLight
  ScannerStatusMonitorService.exe ScannerStatusMonitorService
  Set-up32X64bit.exe P-touch Editor
  Setup_Prepar3D.exe Status Monitor Application
  Setup_USB_2.0.6.0.exe Brother ControlCenter
  Setup_USB_V3_R0.2.0.exe Brother ControlCenter
  simplemb.exe ControlCenter
  SoftwareUpdateNotification.exe SoftwareUpdateNotification
  SoftwareUpdateNotificationService.exe Brother Software Update Notification
  SoftwareUpdateNotificationSetting.exe SoftwareUpdateNotificationSetting
  uwdsw.exe uwdsw Application
  va1zg3pu.exe BrIndicator
  vbrccMCtl.exe Control Center 3
  VM-100.exe Visitor Badge & Management
  WarningDialog.exe Brother Status Monitor Application
  wdsw.exe wdsw Application
  WirelessSetupHelper1.3.3_en.exe WirelessSetupHelper
  WirelessSetupHelper1.3.3_tr.exe WirelessSetupHelper
  wobaajvkuvtaauobdi.exe P-touch Library
  zeazem.scr Status Monitor Application