Developer Avid Technology, Inc. info

Name: Avid Technology, Inc.

List of software(s) that Avid Technology, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  AMSClientStandAlone.exe AirSpeed 5000 Remote Console (Stand Alone Version)
  ANWS.exe iNEWS
  AssetCacheService.exe Avid Cloud Services
  AssetDeliveryService.exe Avid Cloud Services
  AvGenericFtp_FileViewer.exe Avid Interplay Generic FTP FileViewer
  AvGenericFtp_Playback.exe Avid Interplay GenericFTP Playback
  Avid Control Desktop.exe Avid Control Desktop
  Avid HD Driver 11.3 Setup.exe Avid HD Driver
  Avid HD Driver Setup.exe Avid HD Driver
  Avid Link.exe Avid Link
  AvidApplicationManager.exe Avid Application Manager
  AvidAppManHelper.exe AvidAppManHelper
  AvidAssist.exe Avid Interplay Assist
  AvidBackgroundServicesManager.exe Avid Background Services Manager
  AvidBinIndexer.exe Avid Bin Indexer
  AvidEditorDbEngine.exe Avid Editor Database Engine
  AvidEditorMSE.exe Avid Editor Production Services Engine
  AvidEditorTranscode.exe Avid Interplay Transcode Service for BG
  AvidEditorTranscodeStatus.exe Avid Editor Transcode Status
  AvidInspector.exe Avid BreakPad Inspector
  AvidLicenseControlSetup.exe Avid License Control
  AvidMediaComposer.exe Avid Media Composer
  AvidNewsCutter.exe Avid NewsCutter
  AvidOPFrameGeneratorApp.exe Avid Media Composer
  AvidPhoneticIndexer.exe Avid Phonetic Indexer
  AvidSDMService.exe Avid Technology, Inc. AvidSDMService
  AvidSearch.exe Avid Search Service
  AvidServiceStarterService.exe Avid Service Starter Service
  AvidServiceStarterService64.exe Avid Service Starter Service
  AvidTimeSynchronizationService.exe Avid Time Synchronization Service
  AvidTimeSynchronizationService64.exe Avid Time Synchronization Service
  AvidXpressDV.exe Avid Xpress DV
  AvidXpressProHD.exe Avid Xpress Pro HD
  AvSony_Playback.exe AvSony_Playback
  deltaIIcpl.exe M-Audio Delta WDM Driver CPL
  Delta_6_0_8.exe M-Audio Delta
  digiSPTIService.exe Pro Tools CD Ripping Service
  digisptiservice64.exe Pro Tools CD Ripping Service
  DMFService.exe Avid DMF Service
  DSM_Server.exe Pro Tools®
  EditorServiceMgrIcon.exe Avid Service Manager Icon
  EuControl.exe EuControl
  filmscribe.exe FilmScribe
  FireWire Installer 6_0_4_Driver 5_10_0_5061.exe M-Audio Firewire Family
  FWDeviceEnabler.exe M-Audio FW Device Enabler
  HFXVolumes.exe Hollywood FX Volumes 1-3
  Komplete 10 Setup PC.exe Avid Application Manager
  M-AudioDeltaControlPanel.exe M-Audio Delta WDM Driver CPL
  M-AudioTaskBarIcon.exe TaskBarIconApplet
  MAFWDITray.exe M-Audio FW Tray Application
  MAFWTray.exe M-Audio FW Tray Application
  Mbox 2 Pro Driver 11 Setup.exe Avid Mbox 2 Pro Driver
  MMERefresh.exe Digidesign MME Binder
  ProjectSyncService.exe Avid Cloud Services
  ProTools MP.exe ProTools MP
  ProTools.exe Pro Tools
  ProToolsFirst.exe Pro Tools First
  ProToolsLE.exe Pro Tools®
  ProxyViewer.exe AirSpeed Multi Stream
  revo51.exe M-Audio Revolution Control Panel
  Revo51Task.exe RevoTask
  revo71.exe M-Audio Revolution Control Panel
  Revo71Task.exe RevoTask
  ShellApp.exe VENUE® Software
  TranscodeServiceWorker.exe Avid Media Composer
  TransferManagerCache.exe Avid TransferManager Cache
  UnityClientManager.exe Unity ISIS Client Manager
  wgJXDKBridge.exe wgJXDKBridge
  WSControl.exe WSControl