Developer McAfee, Inc. info

Name: McAfee, Inc.

List of software(s) that McAfee, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  13EEB060-6F64-4334-9DFB-79845558BBCA Intel Security True Key
  17june2013.exe McAfee Core Components
  1SSScheduler.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  24CAF695-4694-4432-9407-F592D76B949B Intel Security True Key
  256A77DC-05EE-4CD8-8BB3-8474A7EE679F McAfee Security Scan Plus
  2AF64D49-2E25-47E6-9515-C663CE2760D1 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  2C9FD674-7826-4E9A-B8A8-295947EACC10 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  2CAF2C26-8F51-4E74-8704-1172797B97DC Intel Security True Key
  34CF84F4-B75C-4B9F-982B-2084F48354C8 Intel Security True Key
  37EDA830-1552-4E79-A1EB-0241C70C7F29 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  3C473DC2-D406-4F26-81A2-91A4192B4A02 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  3C4A9E56-E2BD-4044-BFE9-AD8CC6DC8520 Intel Security True Key
  4409200.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  4625B06E-4B31-4971-AB46-8BD5971BE5F1 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  4F0AEFC5-ED27-4751-9E64-5447523B8099 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  4F27339A-BFB4-40F8-B98B-ECAA0AA4822A McAfee Security Scan Plus
  51DE0ACE-56A1-4610-AF62-DC9BB0057495 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  5400eng.exe McAfee Core Components
  6158D2BD-C033-4AF2-AC58-D27A677756F1 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  6283xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  6571xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  6997xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  701ba47e287386244b009f0b5e9c034d.exe Intel Security True Key
  7028xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7099xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7147xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7152xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7170xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7194xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7198xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7369xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7430xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7445xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7554xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7606xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7695xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7722xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7755xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7794xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7819xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7838xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7874xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7951xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  7FB00220-BA3C-4A16-A363-5B7F50BF9779 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  8051xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8064xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8238xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8326CBD2-D892-4E46-9733-C240AEFED102 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  8347xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8350xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8376xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8403xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8481xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  848C94A6-E243-49CA-B70A-36767B437ED7 Intel Security True Key
  8507xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  8586xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  85AAE362-5D32-4F09-9F7A-D6BA03CCDCA9 Intel Security True Key
  8609731F-B9BA-46CB-A342-87C9B671584D McAfee Security Scan Plus
  8635xdat.exe McAfee Core Components
  87AAD339-91CC-42E3-9DC3-053A3EFF441B Intel Security True Key
  9185d9dcc7d8fe5e7a2dd1a633f660fb.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  93E0018B-8908-4FD9-9691-B6BDBAAFA7FC McAfee Security Scan Plus
  97CC3CCB-350F-4F4B-B101-19E4B40FADDB McAfee Security Scan Plus
  9999.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  9BB83A27-07EE-4B34-9A10-796F154337C4 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  9C3D7C5A-4A1C-4DBC-BA98-2C2A92C13620 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  9DE0FA0D-154A-4826-8787-0F86C2A0A18E McAfee Security Scan Plus
  9F1CE789-27B3-4837-9393-3404F0537556 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  A30FE5BC-E91B-4C3E-8EF7-3142B894736D McAfee Security Scan Plus
  A3F3A339-44D7-4648-AA57-9087FFCD0588 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  A72795F8-33D6-42EB-A663-3C6DB6006069 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  A8A.exe McAfee Common Framework
  AD41901F-39BA-4929-A2F0-EE3B2DABF7B7 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  AdobeTray.exe McAfee Oem Module
  AE2BF029-1A17-492C-A81E-8DE99029C0A7 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  afd.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  Agente5.0.3exe.exe McAfee Agent
  AgenteInv.exe SYSCORE.
  AlaplayaLauncher.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  alerthost.exe McAfee Integrated Security Platform
  AlertViewer.exe McAfee CoreUIModules
  alk.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  AmcInst.exe Anti-Malware Core
  AMTMgmtService.exe ePO Deep Command
  amupdate.exe Anti-Malware Core
  Antispyware8.7.exe McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise Module Installer
  aploader.exe SYSCORE
  ardat.exe VirusScan Enterprise McAfee System Tray McAfee System Tray
  Asphalt 8.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  AuditManagerService.exe McAfee Audit Engine
  B99CE7F0-EB6A-4021-9DAE-243BB0F9FF52 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  BalashApp.exe McAfee RSD
  balloon32.exe McAfee Data Protection Notification
  BIR.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  bloc-notes.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  BS 0.9.1 Build 4057 Pre-Rooted.exe McAfee SiteAdvisor
  C505A189-8E25-4802-A616-9279575EAA4F Intel Security True Key
  C618B4.EXE McAfee Security Scanner
  CA5CF2D6-98EC-44C2-A15F-2887F2E06A16 Intel Security True Key
  CA759600-966C-4E5F-A107-92318D420F4A McAfee Security Scan Plus
  CC0E177F-FE57-4114-89F2-3D132D071321 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  chrome_setup_13776991733784.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  CITRIX.exe McAfee Agent
  contentDATs.exe McAfee Scanner Content
  ConTest-1.0.8.exe ConTest
  contextrelay.exe McAfee NextGen Context Relay
  CookieReader.exe McAfee Integrated Security Platform Installer
  CTVAV21112014.exe McAfee Agent
  curacomu.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  cureit.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  D00148F9-396A-44B8-ADED-2A94C1A9FCC5 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  d0e2055789233087e4659ba593a3fa50.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  D2591635-AF6B-4275-BF8E-1CB508480CDB Intel Security True Key
  D3CFF9.EXE McAfee Security Scanner
  D457E7AA-1825-4A90-816F-75C12D7997D2 Intel Security True Key
  DADUpdater.exe Dynamic App Downloader
  DAInstall.exe VSCORE
  DC5039D1-9DB2-4A64-B674-BD9A3EC3E736 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  ddmaplugin.exe McAfee Deep Defender
  DDSvc.exe McAfee Deep Defender
  DDTray.exe McAfee Deep Defender
  deluge.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  device-manager.exe McAfee Common Framework
  DEX_CX560_V1.EXE McAfee Agent
  dgugfe.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  DLPAgentInstaller.x64.exe McAfee DLP Endpoint
  driver-magician-3-65-es-en-br-fr-de-it-win.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  DwnldMgr.exe McAfee Download Manager
  dxlservice.exe McAfee Data Exchange Layer
  dxlservicemonitor.exe McAfee Data Exchange Layer
  dx_service.exe Data eXchange Layer
  E6FBFA0B-CC23-4115-AFAD-0BF119DE4CB1 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  E792AC70-A85E-4A82-AA09-66886C65876E McAfee Security Scan Plus
  easy gadget.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  EbookReader.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  ED6B3937-09CD-46F4-B249-1B226A14DBE9 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  EETechCode.exe McAfee Endpoint Encryption
  ejmjlp.exe McAfee VirusScan API
  Emerald_1_0_128_McAfee_VirusScan_Plus_276_en-GB_30d_BN_112_OG_3055_User.exe McAfee ESD Package
  emproxy.exe McAfee Email Proxy
  emtray.exe McAfee Email Proxy
  enginemain.exe McAfee Audit Engine
  EngineServer.exe VSCORE.
  entvutil.exe VSCORE
  EventParser.exe McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
  exeInstall.exe McAfee Consumer Software Installation System
  fa.rar.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  falileno.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  FCAgent.exe Foundstone Configuration Manager
  FCAgentSettings.exe Foundstone Configuration Manager
  fcagswd.exe VSCORE.
  FCAGTE.EXE McAfee System Tray
  fcnm.exe McAfee DLP Endpoint
  flashplayer26_l_install.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  FlashWizardPRO.exe McAfee SiteAdvisor
  foaewno.exe McAfee Agent
  Format Factory 2 VirusScan Enterprise
  FramePkg.exe McAfee Agent
  FramePkg48.exe McAfee Agent
  FramePkg502.exe McAfee Agent
  FramePkg_4.8.exe McAfee Agent
  FramePkg_UPD.exe McAfee Agent
  FrameworkService.exe McAfee Common Framework
  fraprun_0_0.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  FrmInst.exe McAfee Agent
  FSAPI.exe FoundScan
  FSAssessment.exe FoundScan
  FSDataSync.exe FoundScan
  FSDiscovery.exe FoundScan
  FSLogDispatcher.exe Foundscan
  FSLogToDiskSvc.exe Foundscan
  FSNotification.exe FoundScan
  FSScanCtrlSvc.exe FoundScan
  FSScanEngineSvc.exe FoundScan
  gHpFkCrypt.exe HP ProtectTools
  giFTl.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  gInstallerWrapperService.exe Intel Security True Key
  GirlsDateChat.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  gMcAMTaskAgent.exe McAfee Module Core
  GmoteServer.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  grjhfrf.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  HipMgmt.exe McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
  homologado.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  HtmlDlg.exe McAfee® Total Protection™ for Small Business
  huawei ascend y511-u30 v100r001c328b120 arab.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  HughesNetStatusMeter.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  HWAPI.exe McAfee HackerWatch Service
  HWUpdChk.exe McAfee HackerWatch
  IconSaver.exe McAfee Integrated Security Platform
  igfxnk32.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  IMATPreloadUninstaller.exe IMATPreloadUninstaller
  impact.exe McAfee Agent
  impacthost.exe McAfee Agent
  InstallerEvents.exe Intel Security True Key
  InstallerWrapperService.exe Intel Security True Key
  install_flashplayer16x32_ltr5x32d_awc_aih.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  install_reader11xp_fr_mssd_awc_aih.exe McAfee Security Scanner
  InteractiveCalendar.exe McAfee Security Scanner