Developer Quest Software info

Name: Quest Software

List of software(s) that Quest Software has built:

  Filename Product
  DBA TOAD.exe
  GroupPolicyService.exe Toad Group Policy Service
  HPFMMRHost.exe Quest vWorkspace
  Kodok_9.5.exe TOAD for Oracle
  Pepito.exe TOAD for Oracle
  pnap32.exe Quest vWorkspace
  pndmsvc.exe Quest vWorkspace
  PNFMMRHost.exe Quest vWorkspace
  pnssosvr.exe Quest vWorkspace
  pntsc.exe Quest vWorkspace
  PNTSPSvc.exe Quest vWorkspace
  PNUPRelay.exe Quest vWorkspace
  PNUSBCLITRAY.exe Quest vWorkspace
  pnusbvirtualhubwssrv.exe Quest vWorkspace
  ptagentservice.exe Quest Foglight® NMS
  ptserverservice.exe Quest Foglight® NMS
  ptstudio.exe Quest PacketTrap network management software
  QsResourceUpdatingAgent.exe Migration Manager for Active Directory
  QsResourceUpdatingController.exe Migration Manager for Active Directory
  QsResourceUpdatingManager.exe Migration Manager for Active Directory
  SQLNav4.exe SQL Navigator for Oracle
  SQLNav5.exe SQL Navigator for Oracle
  sqlnavigator.exe SQL Navigator for Oracle
  StatsService.exe LiteSpeed
  TOAD.exe TOAD for Oracle
  toad9.5.exe TOAD for Oracle