Developer GitHub, Inc. info

Name: GitHub, Inc.

List of software(s) that GitHub, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  agbar-pildoras.exe Electron
  airtame-application.exe AIRTAM
  AliLang.exe Electron
  ALLSSR.exe Electron
  AloqaIM.exe Electron
  angular-web-client.exe angular-web-client
  Aodun.exe Aodun
  aokzoe.exe aokzoe
  APEX-61M-UP.exe APEX-61M-UP
  API Player.exe API Player
  ApiPost7.exe ApiPost7
  App-Torrent-Mania.exe App-Torrent-Mania
  AQLite.exe AQLite
  Artery Network.exe Artery Network
  asonic-showbox.exe asonic-showbox
  atom-beta.exe Atom Beta
  ATP Care Plus.exe ATP Care Plus
  ATP Seeding.exe ATP Seeding
  ATPSeo.exe ATPSeo
  audio-cast.exe Electron
  axinus.exe Electron
  AxToolkit Global Edition.exe AxToolkit Global Edition
  Base Camp.exe Base Camp™
  BETAFPV_Configurator.exe BETAFPV_Configurator
  billberry.exe billberry
  bitget.exe bitget
  bravia-meeting-display-management.exe Electron
  Bright VPN.exe Bright VPN
  Brotorrent - Torrent Client.exe Brotorrent - Torrent Client
  BTS_client.exe BTS Client
  CakePDV.exe Electron
  Canva.exe Canva
  CapturadorPedidos.exe CapturadorPedidos
  chatseguro2.exe chatseguro2
  ciberprotector.exe Electron
  Clockify.exe Clockify
  ClonBrowser.exe ClonBrowser
  CloudShop POS.exe CloudShop POS
  CloudUEMWeb.exe CloudUEM
  Comarch IBARD.exe Comarch IBARD
  ComfamiliarApp.exe ComfamiliarApp
  Conception2-Launcher.exe Electron
  Content Station Desktop App.exe Content Station Desktop App
  ControlCenterExpress.exe ASUSControlCenterExpress
  CrosshairX.exe CrosshairX
  CyberSleuthPatcher.exe CyberSleuthPatcher
  Cypress.exe Cypress
  Daedalus Mainnet.exe Daedalus Mainnet
  DarkProject-KD1.exe DarkProject-KD1
  DarkProject-KD3.exe DarkProject-KD3
  das-keyboard-q.exe das-keyboard-q
  Debesis32.exe Electron
  deezloader.exe Electron
  Dezor.exe Dezor
  digibitvpn.exe digibitvpn
  digirestro-desktop.exe digirestro-desktop
  DJIBrowser.exe Electron
  DragonheirSilentGods.exe DragonheirSilentGods
  DWK.exe DWK
  E-Dinar.exe Electron
  EagleInstaller.exe EagleInstaller
  easyasvpn.exe easyasvpn
  easyInvoice.exe easyInvoice
  EclipsePhoneMult.exe EclipsePhoneMult
  edisc3.exe ¿«ªL¥þ·s ÑÂd
  Electron Launcher.exe Electron Launcher
  electron-overlays.exe Electron
  electron.exe BeoPlay Software Updat
  EMSTM.exe Electron
  EOS Webcam Utility.exe EOS Webcam Utility
  epc-overseas.exe epc-overseas
  Epubor Reader.exe Epubor Reader
  Ergo Wallet.exe Ergo Wallet
  Expede Update.exe Expede Update
  Eyotek Zil.exe Eyotek Zil
  faturOn.exe faturOn
  FBM-Server.exe FBM-Server
  Finsights.exe Finsights
  fluxprintertray.exe Electron
  flyingvenus.exe Electron
  FreeBitcoBot.exe FreeBitcoBot
  FreeBitcoin-Bot.exe FreeBitcoBot
  future-fortune.exe future-fortune
  Gaganode Desktop.exe Gaganode Desktop
  GameflipConnect.exe GameflipConnect
  Gamers Club AC Launcher.exe Gamers Club AC Launcher
  GamersClub-AC.exe GamersClub-AC
  Games by IGG-Games.exe Games by IGG-Games
  Games by Mechanics.exe Games by Mechanics
  Gather.exe Gather
  gephgui.exe gephgui
  gephgui4.exe gephgui4
  Gestor de Pedidos.exe Gestor de Pedidos
  ggpoz.exe ggpoz
  Ginee Chat.exe Ginee Chat
  Ginee-Chat.exe Ginee-Chat
  GitHub.exe GitHub
  GitHubDesktop.exe GitHub Desktop
  GitHubDesktopSetup-x64.exe Simple collaboration from your desktop
  GitHubDesktopSetup.exe Simple collaboration from your desktop
  GITLFS.exe Git LFS
  GLensClient.exe glens-client
  Glorious Core.exe Glorious Core
  GoSignDesktop.exe GoSign-Desktop
  graweb_isg_helper.exe graweb_isg_helper
  HanlinEbook.exe HanlinEbook
  Heed.exe Heed
  HPincInstallation.exe Electron
  HypeBridge.exe HypeBridge
  i3070AE-Desktop.exe i3070AE-Desktop
  icetech-cv.exe icetech-cv
  Idena.exe Idena
  IDExpress Operation Management System_Release_20210713.1.exe IDExpress Operation Management System_Release_20210713.1
  IPRoyal Proxy Tester.exe IPRoyal Proxy Tester
  ipseditor.exe ipseditor
  ITDe-Filing-0.1.5.exe ITDe-Filing-0.1.5
  itmg-sats-server.exe itmg-sats-server
  Jive Chime.exe Electron
  JJSploit v5.exe JJSploit v5
  Juleb Desktop.exe Juleb Desktop
  KasperskySecurity.exe Atom
  KidBright.exe KidBright
  L-Connect 2.exe L-Connect 2
  L-Connect.exe L-Connect
  LanguageTool.exe LanguageTool
  Laserbox.exe Laserbox
  LeadBack.exe LeadBack
  Like4Like.exe Like4Like
  Likezoid.exe Likezoid
  LiveBoxMP.exe Electron
  LLD Chat.exe Electron
  LmsPlayer-built.exe LmsPlayer-built
  lovense.exe Electron
  Macropay POS.exe Macropay POS
  magnetW.exe magnetW
  Match2.0.exe Match2
  Materialette.exe Materialette
  Mavis Hub.exe Mavis Hub
  Maxgrabb 2.exe Maxgrabb 2
  MK Series.exe MK Series
  MKT.City.exe MKT.City
  MNC-Launcher.exe MNC-Launcher
  module-manager.exe Electron
  ModuleService.exe Github, Inc.
  monaca-localkit.exe monaca-localkit
  More-Accounts-source-built.exe More-Accounts
  Multiversity.exe Multiversity
  myPharmaPopUp.exe myPharmaPopUp
  Mythkeeper.exe Mythkeeper
  NaturalReader 16.exe NaturalReader 16
  NavegadorJiva.exe NavegadorJiva
  NavegadorSankhya.exe NavegadorSankhya
  Netify Jump.exe Electron
  neverblock.exe Electron
  NEXTRP Launcher.exe NEXTRP Launcher
  notifier-ui.exe notifier-ui
  Noysi.exe Noysi
  nthLink.exe nthLink
  OneBook.exe OneBook
  OneBox2.exe OneBox2
  OneDash.VPN.exe OneDash.VPN
  Open-Feeder.exe Open-Feeder
  OpenTimeClock2004.exe Electron
  OpenTimeClock2008.exe Electron
  oss-browser.exe Electron
  Outline Beta.exe Outline Beta
  PearsonCCNASimulator.exe PearsonCCNASimulator
  Penpals Interactive Year 1.exe Electron
  PiBakery.exe Electron
  PicGo.exe PicGo
  PK XD Launcher.exe PK XD Launcher
  Point of Presence.exe Point of Presence
  Pokemon GO Live Map.exe Electron
  Posease.exe Posease
  posfin-desktop.exe posfin-desktop
  PPDuck3.exe PPDuck3
  pritunl.exe Electron
  ProVoz Som.exe ProVoz Som
  ps4remotepkgsender.exe ps4remotepkgsender
  q-Desktop.exe q-Desktop
  Refacil.exe Refacil
  Resso.exe Resso
  Retro.exe Retro
  rgbproxy.exe Electron
  RocketPeer.exe RocketPeer
  RuntimeBroker32.exe RuntimeBroker32
  RXPCProg.exe RXPCProg
  S4MP Online Launcher.exe S4MP Online Launcher
  safe-watch.exe safe-watch
  Salon Takip.exe Salon Takip
  SCENE 2go.exe Electron
  Seagate Help.exe Seagate Help
  Sejda PDF Desktop.exe Sejda PDF Desktop
  SenseTime Edu.exe SenseTime Edu
  ServerClipp.exe ServerClipp