Developer IBM Corp. info

Name: IBM Corp.

List of software(s) that IBM Corp. has built:

  Filename Product
  1ga239ww.exe ThinkPad Audio Features VI for Windows 98SE/2000/XP
  1oma23ww.exe ThinkPad AMR Modem II
  1qwc70ww.exe IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter Software
  1urc13ww.exe Intel(R) PRO/10/100/1000 LAN Adapter Software for Windows 20
  1yoi04ww.exe ThinkPad Monitor File for Windows 98/98 SE/Me/2000/XP
  2_SPSS_DataCollection_DC_601_DDL64.exe IBM SPSS Data Collection Developer Library 6.0.1 (x64
  324dfdd12d2890e6471e92b3acd05a29.exe ThinkPad Video Features (Mobility-RADEON/FIREGL Series) for
  68fa244103b84621832fa324724f5c04.exe ThinkPad AMR Modem II
  aftp1g98.exe ThinkPad Audio Features VI for Windows 98 (VxD)
  artcfg.exe IBM Mobile Connect
  BESClientUIToaster.exe IBM Endpoint Manager
  BESClientUpgrade.exe IBM Endpoint Manager Client
  BESConsole.exe Tivoli Endpoint Manager Console
  BESGather.exe BESGather
  BESRootServer.exe BESRootServer
  BESWebReportsServer.exe IBM Endpoint Manager Web Reports
  bthwxp1o.exe IBM Integrated Bluetooth II Software
  c9db96444643e45e52888211f013b644.exe ThinkPad AL Modem II / Intel PRO/100 SP Mobile Combo Adapter
  CAM_LPSvr.exe IBM Cognos 10
  CDNT.exe IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows
  cfsvc.exe IBM Cognos Finance
  cgsLauncher.exe IBM Cognos 10
  CheckOUTV5.exe IBM BigFix
  chps1o98.exe ThinkPad Intel Chipset Support II for Windows 98(First relea
  cognos.cgi IBM Cognos 10
  creditor.exe IBM Endpoint Manager
  CSTBpmem_cc32.exe IBM BigFix
  d8e9e9fbf94e22b4135f1de12f54551c.exe ThinkPad Audio Features VIII for Windows 98SE/2000/XP
  DMController.exe IBM Cognos 8
  EVServer.exe IBM Cognos Express Advisor
  ewsnotifications461.exe EWSNotifications
  EZEJTRAY.EXE IBM ThinkPad EasyEject Tray Utility
  FillDB.exe FillDB
  GatherDB.exe GatherDB
  GroupM.exe IBM Endpoint Manager
  HelpCenterService.exe IBM SPSS Data Collection
  IBM SPSS Statistics 20.exe IBM SPSS Products: Statistics Common
  IBM SPSS Statistics 21.exe IBM SPSS Products: Statistics Common
  ibmprc.exe ibmprc Application
  IcePack.exe AntiVirus Immune System
  ILOGExecutionServerPersistenceService.exe IBM WebSphere ILOG Rules for .NET
  inwi1r98.exe ThinkPad Intel (R) PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter
  IPlayerConsole.exe IBM SPSS Data Collection
  itsit.exe Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Usage Analysis
  modelerclient.exe IBM SPSS Modeler
  NCOConductor.exe Netcool/OMNIbus
  NCOEvent.exe Netcool OMNIbus Windows Event List
  ossa04ww.exe ThinkPad TI PCI 1520/4520 Cardbus Controller Support for Win
  prdi98me.exe  IBM ThinkPad Presentation Director for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  QCONSVC.EXE IBM ThinkPad Utility
  QCTRAY.EXE IBM ThinkPad Utility
  QCWizard.exe IBM ThinkPad Utility
  QCWLICON.EXE IBM ThinkPad Utility
  RapportHelper.exe Rapport
  RapportInjService_x64.exe Rapport
  rose.exe Rational Rose 2006
  RPMITray.exe IBM Rational Portfolio Manager
  RPMStdln.exe IBM Rational Portfolio Manager
  RpprtSetup.exe Rapport Installer
  ScanExplicit.exe AntiVirus Immune System
  sharedmemoryreader.exe sharedme Application
  spsu1p52.exe IBM ThinkPad BIOS Update Utility
  tm1admsd.exe tm1admsd Application
  tm1admsrv.exe IBM Cognos Products: TM1
  TM1ExcelService.exe Applix TM1
  tm1sd.exe tm1sd Application
  TP98TRAY.EXE IBM ThinkPad Tray Utility
  tpmd1m98.exe ThinkPad AMR Modem (CDC) for Windows 98
  tpveall.exe Intel(R) PRO/100 LAN Adapter Software for DOS,Windows 98/Me/
  unav1ont_2.exe IBM ThinkPad UltraNav Driver for Windows NT 4.0
  vftp1f2k.exe ThinkPad Video Features (Intel 830M) for Windows 2000/XP
  vftp1gxpisv.exe ThinkPad Video Features (Mobility-RADEON/FIREGL Series) for
  vftpiy8m.exe ThinkPad Video Features (SavageIX8) for Windows 95/98/Me
  w32main2.exe IBM Standard Software Installer
  w32maing.exe IBM Standard Software Installer
  w4p2e.exe IBM Standard Software Installer
  WDG.Automation.AgentHost.exe WDG Automation