Developer ACD Systems, Ltd. info

Name: ACD Systems, Ltd.

List of software(s) that ACD Systems, Ltd. has built:

  Filename Product
  ACDPhotoEditor3.exe ACD Photo Editor
  ACDSee 2.44 PL Portable.exe ACDSee Classic
  ACDSee Classic Chs.exe ACDSee Classic
  ACDSee Classic v2.4.4.exe ACDSee Classic
  acdsee32-classic-2.44rus.exe ACDSee Classic
  ACDSee32.exe ACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NT
  ACDSee321.exe ACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NT
  ACDSee32Cracked.exe ACDSee Classic
  ACDSee5.exe ACDSee
  CamDetect.exe Camera Detector
  DevDetect.exe Device Detector
  DevDetectPE.exe Device Detector
  FotoCanvas.exe FotoCanvas
  FotoCanvas2.exe FotoCanvas
  FotoCanvas3.exe FotoCanvas
  ibm-spss-statistics-base-22-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-cn-jp-ru-pl-kr-win.exe Device Detector
  IFox.exe ImageFox
  ImageFox.exe ImageFox
  Kingfisher.exe Device Detector
  mengxiang.exe ACDSee
  mPowerTools.exe ACD mPower Tools
  mPTSvr.exe ACD mPower Tools
  ncafec.exe Device Detector
  netspeed.exe ImageFox
  Portable ACDSee.exe ACDSee Classic
  Setup_Mini_Nod32_224.exe Device Detector
  ToshibaDevDetect.exe Device Detector
  winmtey.exe Device Detector
  winsckg.exe Device Detector
  Zok3.exe ACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NT
  Zok3a.exe ACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NT
  Zok3z.exe ACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NT
  Zokz3.exe ACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NT