Developer Atheros Communications info

Name: Atheros Communications

List of software(s) that Atheros Communications has built:

  Filename Product
  AWiCSrvc.exe AWiC service
  Bluetooth_Atheros_Xp_32_6.13.0322.0101.exe Bluetooth XP Suite
  BROTOOTHBtXp32.exe Bluetooth XP Suite
  BtvStack.exe Software Bluetooth
  BtXp32.exe Bluetooth XP Suite
  BtXp32_800204.exe Bluetooth XP Suite
  helpTray.exe Bluetooth Software
  InstallPack_N_58293.exe ??????????? ??????????? Bluetooth
  SetupVista32.exe Atheros USB Wireless LAN
  vista32.exe Bluetooth Vista Suite
  vista64.exe Bluetooth Vista Suite (64)
  win732.exe Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
  win764.exe Bluetooth Win7 Suite (64)
  xp32.exe Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package