Developer Analog Devices, Inc. info

Name: Analog Devices, Inc.

List of software(s) that Analog Devices, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  9128e8fb-616e-41e0-bbe7-3bfafd35d7f0.exe SMax4PNP Application
  AD9516_17_18Eval.exe AD9516/17/18 Evaluation Software
  ADCSee.exe SMax4PNP Application
  Algow SoundMAX service agent
  AltTab.exe SMax4PNP Application
  analogd.exe ANALOGD Application
  AsRc.exe Audio Control Panel
  avg.exe SMax4PNP Application
  CAT CDMA EC150.EXE SMax4PNP Application
  Cricket 2014 DON BADMAN.exe SMax4PNP Application
  ddfnj.exe SoundMAX service agent
  DevSetup.exe DevSetup
  devsetup.exe  DevSetup
  DLSLoader.exe DLSLoader Application
  DPGDownloader.exe DPGDownloader
  DriverPack-17-Online_1768991273.1552920819.exe SMax4PNP Application
  EncyStarter.exe SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
  FotoStation Easy AutoLaunch.exe SoundMAX service agent
  gSynCor.exe SynthCore
  HackerEliminator.exe SMax4PNP Application
  Hosts SoundMAX service agent
  jizsdso.exe SMax4PNP Application
  kbdus.exe SMax4PNP Application
  kewgeo.exe SoundMAX service agent
  minecraft-no-premium-download.exe SMax4PNP Application SMax4PNP Application
  minecraft_no_premium_download_chomikuj.exe SMax4PNP Application
  Moditas.exe SoundMAX service agent
  Modsfisica.exe SoundMAX service agent
  Modsjuju.exe SoundMAX service agent
  rgSTr.exe SoundMAX service agent
  Rscmpt.exe Audio Control Panel
  sbmx.exe SBMX Application
  SMAgent.exe SoundMAX service agent
  SMAgent.usr SoundMAX service agent
  smax4 .exe Audio Control Panel
  Smax4 .exe Audio Control Panel
  Smax4.exe Audio Control Panel
  SMax4PNP .exe SMax4PNP Application
  smax4pnp.exe SMax4PNP Application
  smax4pnp.exe.backup SMax4PNP Application
  smax4pnp.exe  SMax4PNP Application
  SMax4Wiz.exe AudioWizard Application
  SMTray.exe SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
  SoundMAX.exe SoundMAX Audio Settings (32-bit)
  SoundMAX_1.exe SoundMAX Audio Settings (32-bit)
  SynCor.exe SynthCore
  TPHKMGR.exe SoundMAX Control Panel
  TVRemote.EXE Audio Control Panel
  uninstall_.exe SoundMAX service agent
  vsmax4pnp.exe SMax4PNP Application
  w81c7a.exe SoundMAX service agent
  WEBTELE.EXE SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
  wingcyo.exe SMax4PNP Application
  Winlogon SoundMAX service agent
  XP-28A03A86.EXE SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
  yetummvoce.exe fru dump oonseutggjlts